Creative Listening

The Seed we are playing with today is a very special one. It is not just an invitation to explore and connect to the world around us, but also to connect with someone by mindfully listening to them.

The core of the Listen First Seed is not in its title like most other Seeds, but in the instructions that follow. Ask someone to tell you about some experience, event, or an issue that occupied them recently. Listen mindfully and try to see things from their perspective: how they felt and why? What were they thinking at the time? What are they thinking and feeling in retrospect?

Once you feel you have a good understanding of the situation from their perspective, it is time to go on a creative exploration and capture Insights inspired by the story. You can capture the Insights using any medium you feel like using.

You can capture Insights inspired by the facts of the story, by the feelings or emotions woven into it, or by any other aspect you connect to.

Apart from being a creative exercise, this is a wonderful practice of engaged listening and seeking first to understand.

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