Fifty Words, That’s It

Today we are playing with a two-step Prism. If you are familiar with writing prompts you are in for a surprise. If you are not, you’d be amazed of what you will create!

Life at Fifty is a Prism from our Words collection. Although designed mainly with creative writing in mind, it is still a perfect creative challenge whether you are an aspiring writer or not.

With the Life at Fifty Prism our game has two steps. The first one is based on a creative exploration in which you should look around you for a visual Insight inspired by the Seed we are using. The Seed we will use today is ‘C’. When you explore the world, you can associate based on the letter, its shape, its sound, or anything that comes to mind.

The second step is even more challenging: writing a fifty-word story inspired by the visual Insight you have captured. The original Seed doesn’t have to play a role in the story. The visual Insight becomes a new Seed you should use to imagine the story.

If you are not familiar with fifty-word stories, know only this: the story must include exactly 50 words — no more and no less. Capturing a story, not merely a couple of cool sentences, in fifty words is not a trivial task. Aiming for the exact number is a bonus.

OK! Let’s explore, imagine, and write!

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