Here Comes the Sun

It’s a sunny spring day, and that’s a great opportunity to brighten it even more. So, today we are playing with the Artificial Sun Seed.

Ok, so whether the weather around you is sunny or not, our goal today is to find some artificial suns and capture Insights based on them. As we usually recommend in the context of creative explorations, coming without a predefined notion of what it is we are looking for is the preferred approach. Just look around you for something that sparks an association to the Sun.

A different approach would be to think about traits of the Sun. Think of light, heat, the shape of Sun, or any other attribute. Or you can think about a memory you have where the Sun plays a significant role.

As is the case with all seempli activities, it is you who decide how to approach the challenge. Anything goes, and the more you play with the Seed, the more surprising your Insights would become.

Have fun!

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