Mirror Mirror

Today’s creative workout will encourage you to look inside, as opposed to outside. It starts with a mirror…

It’s not every day we get a chance to observe ourselves. We see our reflection in many occasions, but today we will look inside, and we will use the Reflection Prism for that.

The creative challenge starts with looking at your reflection for at least five minutes. Sounds easy? Well, it isn’t. Look closely, explore what you see and your feelings while doing so.

Next, use the Bubbles Seed and write a short text inspired by it and by what you saw and felt.

What does bubbles have to do with it? Well, obviously not much… at first. The goal of adding an alleged constraint in the form of a Seed is (as funny as it may sound) to unleash your creativity. It can be quite challenging to write something about yourself, especially if you are not accustomed to writing. Use the Seed as a trigger for association. It might be just the thing to spark an idea.

The text you are writing can describe what you saw and felt, or it can be a memory that floated during the time you’ve looked at your reflection. It can also be a fictional text. As long as it originates from exploring your reflection… and the Seed, anything goes.

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