Replay Paris

What could be better than visiting Paris? Revisiting it over and over again. Buckle your seat-belts! We are taking off!

We are playing with the Paris Seed today, but to spice things up, we’ve added the Replay Prism. Here’s the idea.

You already know one Insight per challenge is great, but playing with the Seed throughout the day and capturing multiple Insights is even better. With the Replay Prism we will do just that, but with a twist: each Insight you capture must be inspired by a different aspect of the Seed.

Think of Paris and try to list several key aspects or concepts. Let’s treat these aspects as “Sub-Seeds”. It can be anything really: a famous object, association to food, the atmosphere, how it makes you feel, and so on. You are the one choosing what to focus on, but keep in mind you should not have two Insights for the same concept.

So, pack your suitcase. We have a flight to catch…

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