Textual Landscape

Our mission today is to find or create a Futuristic Landscape. But we are spicing this challenge with sone graphomania!

Sometimes a text encapsulates much more than merely its content. A text can have a meaningful structure or layout, a design that sends an implicit message, or a context that pours a different meaning into it.

With the Graphomania Prism, you can use any of these traits (or other surprising ones) of any text to capture an Insight inspired by the Seed.

There are two ways to approach the Graphomania Prism. The first is by focusing on observation: look around you for a text you can associate with a Futuristic Landscape using any (or some) of the characteristics mentioned above.

The second approach is creating a text of your own. Even if you choose this path, make sure to use more than just the content of the text. Be creative!

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