Daily Creativity #0002

Every day we play with a creative challenge. What we create doesn’t have to be grand. It doesn’t have to be perfect. We aim to stretch our creative muscles, be playful, and have fun!

Every day we take a little journey with some unexpected turns. That’s the beauty of creativity. If you just let it, it will fill you with wonder.

The Challenge

Our creative challenge today is made of the following set. If you are familiar with the creomondi building blocks, use the set to explore, imagine, and create. Alternatively, read how we played with it for inspiration first.

The Playground We Will Explore

The Seed We Will Use in our Exploration

And We Are Aiming to Create…

Let’s Play

Today, we are playing with The News. This Playground, by itself, is open to various interpretations. You could explore the headlines or read a random article. You could play with a real newspaper or browse a news website. I decided to open the New-York Times website and explore its front page.

We are using a Seed to tune into an unusual aspect and notice things we might otherwise ignore. The Seed we are playing with today is Color Blind. Once again, if you wonder how to use the Seed, the options are limitless. Any interpretation you might have will do perfectly. One such interpretation might be to find some sentences or a paragraph describing something colorful. This would be “color in black and white” — the font’s color on the white background.

However, as I opened the home page of the NY Times, I immediately saw this image:

I associatively connected it to the Color Blind Seed. The rationale might be obvious, or it might not be. It doesn’t really matter. This is a personal association, so as always, anything goes.

I decided not to read the article this image was attached to. Instead, I used the image as a trigger for imagining a Monologue, and together with the Seed, the following text practically wrote itself.

I used to imagine a world in which our color doesn’t matter — a world in which we are not perceived by our color. I used to imagine we are all equal because nobody cares about the things that make us different.

I used to imagine a color-blind world.
But a color-blind world is not an equal world.

I want to be seen for what I am. I don’t want the world to ignore the things that make me different. I like the world to celebrate them. I don’t want the world to ignore my culture, forget my history, and dismiss my thoughts about the future. In a world that is blind to differences, everyone is expected to be alike. But we are not. True diversity and inclusion don’t just mean accepting all of us as equal humans. It means seeing each of us as a different, whole person and deeply understand how these differences empower us as a society.

Now, It Is Your Turn…

Don’t follow my steps! Take the set of cards and play with them. Use them as a guide and not as a set of rules. Let your imagination lead the way. Don’t dismiss your ideas.

Have fun! Be creative!



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