Daily Creativity #0025

Every day we play with a creative challenge. What we create doesn’t have to be grand. It doesn’t have to be perfect. We aim to stretch our creative muscles, be playful, and have fun!

Every day we take a little journey with some unexpected turns. That’s the beauty of creativity. If you just let it, it will fill you with wonder.

The Challenge

Our creative challenge today is made of the following set. If you are familiar with the creomondi building blocks, use the set to explore, imagine, and create. Alternatively, read how we played with it for inspiration first.

The Game We Play

The Seeds We Will Use

And We Are Aiming to Create…

Let’s Play

Today we play a creomondi mix game: Abstraction Layer. It goes like this:

We take two Seeds, one Subject Seed, and one Abstract Seed. We can use their combination for exploration or for free associations. As always, anything goes, as long as we use the combination of the Seeds as inspiration for creating something.

The random set we got for the game today includes the Seeds Strings and East. And the Insight type we are aiming for is a New Word, which is a challenge by itself because most of us hardly ever invent new words.

I decided to play by associating using the two Seeds. When I thought of Strings, I thought of lines, but also about music. When I thought of East, an image of a sunrise floated in my mind. So, I began to combine the two concepts in various ways. One of the combinations I liked most was the effect of increasing the tempo. The word I came up with is Temporise. But this sounded like an existing word, so I decided to look for inspiration in languages other than English. When I discovered that Rise in Italian is Aumentare, the resulting combination was inevitable:

Tempomentare: the gradual increase in tempo (music)

Now, It Is Your Turn…

Don’t follow my steps! Take the set of cards and play with them. Use them as a guide and not as a set of rules. Let your imagination lead the way. Don’t dismiss your ideas.

Have fun! Be creative!


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