The seempli EDU ProgramTM
Spark Creativity in Your Classroom

The Future is in Your Hands

We believe our future depends on the ability of today’s children to see things differently, not take anything for granted, and develop their unique creative voice.

With seempli’s open-ended creative games, you will ignite your class’ curiosity, imagination, and creativity. The options are endless, and you are holding the key.

The seempli EDU Program offers teachers and education students access to the entire seempli platform as well as personal mentoring at a special price: only 149$ a year (instead of 950$).


Make a Change!

Access to the Complete seempli Collection for Enablers

Dozens of Seeds and Prisms designed to sharpen observational skills and ignite creativity and imagination. Each Seed is a gateway to an open-ended insightful exploration that can be used to spice up any school activity.

Team Play Prisms for Improving Leadership and Social Skills

A specialized collection of Prisms developed specifically for group activities. The Team Play Prisms introduce a whole new level of working on social skills, leadership, and learning to listen and accept different points of view.

Hand-in-Hand Guidance for Teachers

Online four-weeks personal mentoring in applying seempli in the classroom


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