Get in Shape

Lidor Wyssocky

Goal: Practice and develop your Observation, Imagination and Creativity

Here’s What You Need For This Gear

Your Prism

Your Seeds

Let's create a...

And you are ready to go!

About this Gear

Creativity should be practiced daily! The Get in Shape Gear is your Creativity Gym on the go.  Use it to pick a random Prism and a set of Seeds to play all day long.

The way to turn creativity into a habit is to create a recurrent reminder (or event in your calendar) and visit this page daily for a new creative challenge. Make sure to pick a creative challenge as early as possible in the day and then play throughout the day. Don’t settle for one Insight. The more you play with the creative challenge, the more challenging it gets.

The Prism and Seeds can be refreshed every five minutes, but don’t wait for a set you “like”. Play with the first set you get and push your creativity forward.

And if you need a Booster