Insight Journal

Lidor Wyssocky

Goal: Collect Insights for future ideation

Here’s What You Need For This Gear

The Get in Shape Gear

And you are ready to go!

About this Gear

The Insight Journal Gear defines an excellent tool for both personal creative development and ideation. However, to use it for Ideation, you must first practice it as a personal development tool for some time.

Insight Journal is an extension of the Get in Shape Gear. The addition of recording your Insights (captured when practicing the Get in Shape Gear on a daily basis) creates, with time, an archive of visual and textual Insights, each derived from a seempli challenge. The Insights your capture and record will not be associated with any real-world challenge or opportunity by definition. They are purely the outcome you produce by playing with seempli. And that’s exactly what makes it a powerful tool.

At the end of each day, open your Insight Journal and review the Insights you have captured. When doing so, you might get some new random creative ideas. Chances are they will not be related to any specific challenge you are facing, and some (even most) of them will not be feasible or realistic. Despite this fact, be sure to record them in the journal as well.

The journal you are creating can be used in two ways. First, use it for reflection on your creative skills development. Such periodical reflection is a great way to see your progress and to realize what you achieved. Sharing it with other people might provide you with an additional positive boost.

An even more surprising application is using your Insight Journal as an ideation tool, either in the context of a concrete opportunity or for coming up with creative ideas in general. For details on this application, refer to the Insight Rerun Gear.