habit zero #011

the challenge


Back to a Seed-guided creative exploration today. We are using the Exploration Prism together with the Monopoly Seed. Where it will take us? We’ll just have to wait and see.

my insight


Sometimes you can look around you for hours without finding an Insight associated with a Seed. It’s not a waste of time, of course. Often, you will find other great things to capture — things you might be able to use in the future. But at other times, things just happen so quickly.

What are the chances of finding this green building that looks like a huge version of a monopoly piece with that specific quote on it?

Well, chance or not, this is the first thing I saw going off the bus today, few minutes after picking the Monopoly Seed.

And soon after that, in the spirit of strong colored objects, I found this array of mailboxes which I associated with real-estate and rent.



Let’s reflect on the mailboxes Insight for a second. I don’t know if I would have notice it without the Seed or not, but once I had I couldn’t stop looking at it. It encapsulates so many questions, things to wonder about, and quite a few stories.

This array of mailboxes provides a peek into the history of the building and the lives of the people living in it in the present. Some mailboxes are new and some are not able to hide the signs of time. Some residents wrote their names directly on the mailbox while other wrote it on a piece of paper. Some mailboxes are damaged — which makes them more interesting than others. One is black. One name is written in a foreign language and most of them are in Hebrew. And of course, there’s one which is wide open and empty — does it belong to an empty apartment or to someone who haven’t received a letter for years?

If you would like to develop your curiosity and your imagination, such an Insight is a real gift. If you are aiming to develop your creative writing skills, this single image can be the trigger to quite a few short stories. In that sense, this Insight can turn into a Seed — a trigger to new creations.

That’s the nature of the game we are playing. That’s the nature of creativity. You might think you know where you start — you never know where it will take you. And I LOVE it!

mental notes


  • Examine your Insights — they might encapsulate new stories.
  • Try using your Insights as Seeds.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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