habit zero #013

the challenge


Today is a constraint-free exploration day, and the Seed I got is the Iron Man Seed. The difficulty in such a Seed is that it is super-easy to get captured in one concrete interpretation — especially if you know the comics character. Let’s see what we can make of it.

my insight




One of the things I love most when playing with seempli is how easy it is to bring a new life into something so common and familiar. And the traffic sign I captured in my Insight today is a perfect example for that.

The photo by itself has nothing special in it. Nobody can guess what I was thinking of when taking this photo… until I add a title (or a context) to it. All it takes to turn it into something to think of or play with is titling it “Iron Man”. The moment I add this title to the visual Insight, this plain and familiar object becomes something to play with — something that triggers a story.

The title of the Insight, which in this case is just the title of the Seed, is like a secret ingredient that upgrades a dish. It creates a tension between the man in the sign and the material the sign is made of. It adds new meaning to the angle from which I took the photo. And it adds a sense of mystery to the fact we only see the silhouette of the man.

All these connections, contradictions, and questions are added to the photo instantly when you add a context to it — in this case in the form of a title.

Now, consider changing or adding context to something trivial in your daily routine or in your professional work. How can that change how you see it? How can that change the way others are seeing it? Can a different context change something so radically and turn it from something banal to something innovative with a new value no one has thought of before?

mental notes


  • Changing context can bring new life to ordinary things.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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