habit zero #016

the challenge


Today I am playing without a Seed. Anything goes — as long as it catches my attention and makes me wonder, smile, feel, or any combination of the three.

I took a walk in the port of Jaffa, and it didn’t take long before I felt all the above.

my insight


I just love this Insight — not because I captured it, but because someone had took the time to arrange this boat so it will catch people’s attention. Whether all the details were arranged with deliberate thought or just eclectically, I will never know. But it doesn’t change the impact of the result.



What do I love about this frame? There’s so much I don’t know where to start. Well, the first thing I noticed, even from a considerable distance, was the two faces floating above the waterline. One of them looks troubled and their placement and the crude way in which someone cut their faces is hard to ignore.

Next, I noticed the two ropes which seem to be connecting the two models, and tied to something we cannot see under the water. Maybe this arrangement of ropes is natural for people who spend their time around boats, but for me it created a strange and mysterious geometry.

Which brings us to the entire boat — wrapped with sheets of different materials which are camouflaging its original shape. In fact, from a distance it doesn’t look like a boat at all, but rather as a strange geometrical object that landed in sea.

But maybe the detail I love most in this photo is the canvas on the side of the boat with a print showing the Jaffa port as you would see it when approaching it from sea. It acts like a mirror reflecting the port from a distance and it adds a touch of surrealism to the frame.

I stood there staring at this boat for a few minutes. Some people wondered what is it I am looking at. They didn’t stop to ask, but they followed my gaze to see what I had found so interesting. I think I saw one or two smiling.

mental notes


  • Look for the unusual and explore it.

now it is your turn… explore!



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