habit zero #017

the challenge



Our creative assignment for today is to look around us for Insights inspired by the Gradient](https://staging2.seempli.com/seed/gradient)) Seed. Like all other Seeds, the title can have many interpretations and associations. This time I decided to go for the most immediate one (at least for a photographer): looking for gradient colors.

Don’t limit yourself to this specific interpretation, of course. As always, anything goes.

my insight


I found these two Insights during my morning walk. At first look they don’t seem to have anything in common. You might also say the connection between them and gradient is not apparent. But here’s what I saw…

This big wooden door seemed to have landed in this street from a different dimension. It just didn’t belong there. The first thing I noticed was how massive it was, the lock in its center, and the two white stripes on its sides. But after a few seconds, when I got used to the strange presence of this door, I noticed the infinite shades of brown that were decorating it. It was a perfect gradient fill which brought this door to life and maybe even made it softer to look at.

Then I found the triangles painted on a wall nearby. Like the door, they appeared to be anything but gradient at first — with their sharp edges against the white wall. But after a while I realized that their color is not uniform — it is made of a beautiful scale of yellow and orange shades which make it richer, softer, and much more interesting.



The search for gradient Insight was very interesting and less trivial than I initially thought it would be — finding these two Insights wasn’t easy. In retrospect, what helped me find them is letting go of the strict definition of the assignment and allowing myself to explore the complete opposite.

Let me explain. I saw the triangle wall while thinking on the Gradient Seed. From a distance I was sure it would not help me address today’s creative challenge simply because it seemed to be the complete opposite of what I was looking for. With that line of thought I could easily walk by it and continue my search. But I didn’t. I found it interesting nevertheless, so I stopped and explored it more closely. Only then did I realize that it’s a perfect match for the Gradient Seed. Letting go of the strict definition of the challenge allowed me to solve it.

mental notes


  • Letting go of the strict definition of the challenge can help you solve it.
  • Sometimes, looking for the opposite of what you think you need is more effective.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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