habit zero #019

the challenge


Today we are about to play with a Maker Prism — a Prism challenging us not just to explore and capture but also to create something. If you feel the upcoming challenge is somewhat childish that’s great! One of the important things we are aiming for is to recreate the way we imagined and created as children.

The Veggie Prism is going to be pure fun. To play with it, pick a fruit or a vegetable and draw something inspired by the Seed with the fruit or vegetable embedded in the drawing — physically. That’s a good place to remind myself and you that the point is not to draw the perfect drawing, or anything close to it.

I played it safe and chose to play with a tomato. The Seed I got with the Prism is the Stereo Seed. Let’s see how this will turn out.

my insight


OK. So, I played with some options in my head even before trying to sketch them — I just imagined how they would look like. I thought about drawing headphones, or drawing something that will show the concept of stereo in a different context. But eventually the idea to use tomato slices as the speakers of a 80s-like tape recorder caught me.

I took a large piece of paper, sketched my masterpiece and then went to the kitchen to slice a couple of speakers. Here’s what I got.



So, as you can clearly see, I have sub-zero talent when it comes to drawing. In a sense that’s the first thing that felt so great about this challenge — doing something I don’t normally do and which I’m not good at. I felt good drawing this simple sketch although I knew I was about to publish it.

Doing this exercise also caused me to feel like a kid playing with food. Slicing the tomato, trying to place it on the drawing, causing quite a mess, is not something I do every day. And it was pure FUN.

I love the result and I loved the process. It took only ten minutes to come up with the idea and implement it, but it made me smile and it brighten my day. I sent the photo to my friend, and he asked me who of my kids had done it 🙂

mental notes


  • Play like a child.
  • Do things you are not good it (or think you are not good at).
  • Have fun.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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