habit zero #021

the challenge


Memory Lane is a Seed with more than a title — it includes some instructions. In this case I should capture an Insight inspired by a childhood memory.

With this Seed I got a Constraint Prism instructing me to make sure the Insight I capture uses lighting as an important element in it.

With that in mind I went out…

my insight


I have to admit that I didn’t have a specific memory in mind until I saw this drawing lying on the street. In that sense I didn’t follow the instructions on the Seed strictly. Nevertheless, I am sharing this Insight because sometimes the results are more important than following arbitrary rules.

This framed drawing reminded me of my grandparents’ house. I’m not sure I can even say why. But it did.

The sun was just rising, and its rays entered the atmosphere in a sharp angle and found their way to the drawing. It looked magical.



As I already shamefully admitted, I had bent the rules today at least a bit. But that gives us a chance to reflect on the symbiotic connection between a problem and its solution — between a challenge and an Insight.

We tend to think of a problem as constant and then look for solutions that will be a perfect match to the problem. In reality, there are many cases where the process of looking for a solution — or the act of finding an Insight — immediately affects the problem definition. We see something or think about something while looking for a solution but somehow it refines (or entirely change) the problem.

The Insight I found today, helped me refine the challenge and pinpoint a memory. It happened almost at the same moment I saw the drawing. And the same can happen with real-world problems. If you are looking for a solution while keeping your mind open and not locking the problem statement, you might find something that will refine or redefine the problem and solve the challenge at the same time.

That might be the essence of turning problems and challenges into opportunities.

mental notes


  • When looking for a solution, keep your mind open regarding the problem.
  • Allow yourself to refine or redefine the challenge following Insights you find.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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