habit zero #024

the challenge


It’s the third part of my museum exploration. The next Seed I played with is the Waterless Ocean Seed. With this cryptic title in mind, I continued my tour between the artworks.

my insight


The artwork in my Insight was created by El Anatsui and is titled Many Moons. Made of aluminum and copper wire, from a distance it looks like it is made of fabric.

Its texture reminded me of the ocean, especially the middle part of the piece which looks like a giant wave as seen from above. The small pieces of aluminum this work is made of create numerous reflections of light, each in a slightly different angle — just like the surface of the sea returns fragments of light in different directions.



I have to admit that without the Seed I played with there’s little chance I would have stopped by this artwork. Going to the museum with a creative exploration mindset, proved to be very effective. Discovering and exploring an artwork I would normally miss, is one huge benefit of playing the exploration game.

The Seed I played with today is an invitation for metaphorical thinking — taking a concept and applying it to something completely different. Playing with it in as part of exploring art, is a wonderful chance to take it even further.

One last note regarding the title of the artwork I found in my Insight. It is called Many Moons. That the moon is dry as a desert but affects the oceans on earth is a bonus association to the Seed’s title. One of those associations that makes me smile.

mental notes


  • Creative Exploration brings to your attention things you would normally miss.
  • Metaphorical Thinking is a creativity booster.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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