habit zero #027

the challenge


After our art-based exploration mini-series we are back in the real world. I will use the core Exploration Prism today and the Seed I got with it is the Vulnerable Seed.

my insight


When I saw the Seed this morning I thought about vulnerable things, or things that make other people vulnerable. My thoughts weren’t very focused, so I put them on hold and just focus on the word itself: Vulnerable. I assumed something will pop-up during the day.

And it did.

I found this pile of branches in the street, waiting for the pickup truck. A piece of pink wood was lying at the top of this pile. It looked like part of a dollhouse, or part of a small make-up table. But seeing it there, waiting to become formally garbage, made me think of the Seed.

It made me wonder why it was thrown away? Was the girl who owned it sad? Won’t she feel like a princess now? Like many other insights, it triggered a story in my imagination.



In the past few weeks we saw quite a few Insights that were used to form a story (or the beginning of one) in my imagination. Some of these stories had nothing to do with the original Seed — they were based solely on the Insight.

Today, however, the questions I asked myself and the little scene my imagination sketched, resulted from mixing the Seed with the Insight. The concept of being vulnerable was an integral part of my line of thought.

Often, we can’t control the path our imagination takes — whether it will use the Seed, the Insight, both, or something unrelated we just happened to see along the way. That’s part of the magic of creativity. All we need to do is to produce as many opportunities for our brain to take some path other than to interpret literally what we see in front of us.

mental notes


  • Create as many opportunities for your imagination to take over.
  • Collect as much raw material as possible — it is the fuel of imagination.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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