habit zero #028

the challenge


The challenge in my creative exploration today is finding a night-inspired Insight in broad daylight. The Seed that will lead me today is the Starry Night Seed. And I am in a race against the clock: I must find an Insight before the sun sets.

my insight


Luckily, it was raining early this morning. I saw the cars parking in the street, with leftovers of raindrops on their roofs and I knew what to look for next — a black one.



I love it how everything blends in the Insight I captured today. The raindrops lying on the black metal look amazingly like stars in the night sky. The barely visible reflection of the clouds in them adds to the feeling that we are looking up toward the sky while in reality I looked down. And the reflection of the sky is caught in drops of water that just came down from the sky a short time before.

The tension between looking down and seeing the sky is like the tension between titling this Insight Starry Night while it was taken when the sun was flooding the sky with light.

Everything seems to be connected or folded into something else. It creates a sense of harmony in this fairly random Insight.

mental notes


  • Find harmony in random fragments of reality

now it is your turn… be creative!



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