habit zero #030

the challenge


We have a special challenge today. Instead of exploring the world, we are going to look carefully at our… Emoji keyboard.

The Modern Glyph Prism is a Maker Prism. Instead of exploration, it is focused on creating. And the raw material we will use today are emojis.

The challenge is to express the title of the Seed or something inspired by it with an emoji or a combination of few emojis.

Ready? Let’s try it…

my insight


So, here’s what I came up with:

I chose the hourglass emoji, but I used it upside-down, thus making the sand seem weightless.



I played today in a very contained environment: my smartphone’s emoji keyboard. Compared to the creative exploration mode we played with till now, this limited playground seems impossible to imagine and create in.

But constrains are the fuel of creativity. So, I approached this task very methodically: I started to skim all the emojis until I found one I can associate with the Weightless Seed. In the case this wouldn’t have worked, the next step would have been to try find a combination of two emojis I can use, and so on.

mental notes


  • Sometimes, lack of resources is good for creativity.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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