habit zero #031

the challenge


It’s raining today, so outdoor exploration is not an option. I got the Exploration Prism, but I will play with it indoor.

And the Seed I got with it is the Mustache Seed. Time to look around me and find an Insight.

my insight


So, options are limited today, but that’s just a chance for taking a better look at things I am used to see. Like my sunglasses.

This is almost how I found my sunglasses lying on the table — with their handles creating a plastic mustache.



Creative exploration can take place anywhere — even in the most common, ordinary, or familiar places. It was my desk, of all places, where I found the Insight today. And it was based on an object which I see and use on a daily basis. Still, it surprised me.

To be creative is to be surprised all the time. And to be surprised you have to be ready — to plan — to be surprised. When you do, any simple thing can amaze you.

mental notes


  • Be ready to be surprised.
  • Let the simplest things surprise you.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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