habit zero #033

the challenge


I love this song by Suzanne Vega. And my love for it starts with its title. It’s enigmatic and sad, and it makes me wonder and imagine.

Whether or not you know the song, this title makes a perfect Seed. So, today I will play with it and see if I can find small blue things.

Here we go…

my insight


As I stepped down from the bus, I saw this strange blue cloth hanging on a tree. I’m not sure what it is or why it was placed there, but as you can already guess, that’s why I love it!

After a few more minutes I found this lock.

And once again, the Seed led me to a finding, which in turn can be the trigger for so many interpretations and even stories.

The feeling created by the image of the lock which apparently locks nothing, the contrast of the colors, and even the breakage of the tiles pattern by the lock, all contribute to the sense of something more than meets the eye. This Insight just screams for a follow up. So I might just turn it into a creative challenge for tomorrow. Maybe. We’ll see.



The Seed I used today is the title of a song. Today, I took it literally and looked for small blue things. Next time I’ll get a chance to play with the same Seed I might feel like looking for an Insight inspired by the song or by how it makes me feel, even if it will not include any blue objects.

Songs, movies, and books are a great source of inspiration. OK, that sounds obvious. But what I mean is that even if we take one frame, one phrase, or the title of these works, we can open up a universe of associations and triggers for exploration.

So, next time you listen to a good song, or watch a movie, don’t be passive — make it your own and use it to imagine, wonder, and create.

mental notes


  • Use songs, books, and movies as an invitation to imagine and explore — don’t be a passive audience.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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