habit zero #037

the challenge


Today we will play with one of my all-time favorite Seeds. The My Music Seed. The reason I love this Seed is that it send me to an exploration based on a song I love. And this connection between music, imagination, and how we interpret the world fascinates me. I love music and when it connects to the real world, it is truly magical.

my insight


The song I chose to play with today is Open Up the Ground, by Mesh. I have to admit that although this song is from a 2006 album, I only discovered it a week ago, as part of a workout playlist I used while running in the gym.

Energetic electronic music is so easy to get carried away in. It is not rare to miss the lyrics entirely. But somehow, although I’ve heard it while running, the lyrics caught my attention. And once they did, I discovered a sensitive, sad song about moving on in a relationship just because you don’t have the time or the energy to stop, make some hard decisions, and maybe start something new.

Do we run if the road goes nowhere?
Do we push if there’s no way out?
Should we break if our minds are lifeless?
Do we care how it all turns out?

I can’t say we’re all right
It’s just some days we can’t fight
I need you here
Let’s open up the ground and disappear

Lyrics by Mesh

I love how you can move to the sounds of an energetic song without realizing how much wisdom and feeling it can hide at plain sight.

Now, I had to find an Insight inspired by the song. And this is when the magic that can only happen in a creative exploration did its thing. I discovered this song while exercising at the gym. And the concept of the song — keep moving forward by inertia without stopping to ask are we on the right track — just begged for a photo of a treadmill. Well, at least that was my association.



Listening to the lyrics of a song can be quite an experience. We often just focus on the music. Sometimes the lyrics are a perfect match to the music. Sometimes they can take us to a completely different place. And sometimes, like in this case, a perfect tension is created between the music and the lyrics.

Making both the music and the lyrics our own — giving them our interpretation and sometimes a new life — is a creative challenge. That’s what an artist trying to capture the essence of a song in the cover art is doing. And it is not always as simple as it may sound.

mental notes


  • Discover new things in things you love.
  • Try bringing songs to life using other media.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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