habit zero #038

the challenge


Today we are looking for something the world is literally full of: patterns. Our brain loves patterns. That’s why they are fairly easy to spot. In fact, because of this tendency of the brain, we sometimes imagine patterns where they do not exist.

So, let’s make it a bit more difficult. Let’s find patterns with some anomalies in them. Sounds contradicting. Let’s see…

my insight


I found these hearts on a wall in a main street in Tel-Aviv. These perfect hearts were meant to caught the attention of passers-by with their bright colors and distinct pattern.

But what I found appealing most are the multiple anomalies in the pattern. The handwritten ‘you’, the shadow on the yellow heart, the texture of the wall — all these anomalies play so gracefully with the deliberate perfection of the hearts.



When I reflect on this Insight, I can’t help thinking what a perfect metaphor it is for love. Love is conceived as perfect. Often we think of it as such. But in real life it is always filled with numerous imperfections — anomalies and textures which should have been the complete opposite from the alleged perfection. But in fact, these are the things that make love so interesting and fill it with content.

Our mind loves patterns as much as it loves simple stories. But it is the point where patterns break that makes any story worth reading and any experience worth having.

mental notes


  • Look for patterns and then see where they break.
  • Anomalies are a perfect companion to patterns.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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