habit zero #041

the challenge


Today I decided to play a little more with the Remix Seed and the Colorize Prism. But unlike what I did yesterday, today I decided to write something instead of looking for a visual insight.

So, let’s add to this mix another constraint: writing an ultra short story with exactly 50 words — no more and no less. And of course the story should be inspired by the Remix Seed and by the color of the Seed.

Here we go….

my insight


She watched the sea. The water barely touching her feet.
She tried to capture the exact blue that was filling her.

The sea couldn’t hold still. The waves shuffled the blues and the greens and the whites.

And she wished she could lose herself in all these amazing colors.



Yesterday, after I captured a few visual insights based on the Seed and the Prism we played with, I decided to try addressing the same challenge with a different type of insight.

I have to confess: the text I wrote today started from a visual mental image. I didn’t see it — at least not today. But I imagined it. I imagined this woman standing on the waterline trying to blend with the colors of the sea.

Here’s what I’m getting at: sticking only to one medium, or one kind of outcome, is limiting. And unlike the general statement about constraints and creativity, when I say “limiting” in this context, this is not a good thing.

When my assignment was to capture a visual Insight, my brain was tuned to observe. When my assignment was to write a short story my brain was tuned to imagine first, and this triggered a whole new set of associations.

Don’t get me wrong: both observation and imagination are essential in any creative act. Always. The picture I imagined of a woman standing on the waterline is most liked derived from something I saw in the past and can’t even remember consciously. But their role in the process can be quite different. Their impact can be different. And the order in which they are applied can be different.

mental notes


  • Try using different mediums to address a given challenge to let your brain play with the challenge in different ways.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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