habit zero #047

the challenge


We’ve been playing with a daily creative challenge for almost eight weeks now. You can play with seempli for years without doing the same challenge twice… in theory. But as often happens when you pick something randomly, you just might come across the same selection twice.

So, the Seed we are playing with today is Sunless Sunset — a Seed we already played with a couple of weeks ago. This time I am going for plain creative exploration with the basic Exploration Prism.

Let’s go…

my insight


I saw this poster advertising apartments in a new building under construction. Somebody gracefully decided to add a smiling sun on it. Its angle and the colors of the sky in the background created a sense of sunset, with this artificial sun.



I love it when I get to play with the same Seed twice (or even with the same combination of a Prism and a Seed). It creates the sense of a greater challenge — I feel have to find something even better than what I previously had.

The last time I played with the Sunless Sunset Seed, I found a broken wall. The anomaly in the wall looked like a big sun. That Insight was dark. It had a heavy mood, especially considering the interpretation I gave it.

The Insight I captured today is the complete opposite. It is playful, and even childish. And that’s what makes trying to get another perspective on the same Seed so great. If I surprised myself on the first round, the second one would be more challenging, but also more rewarding.

mental notes


  • Even when you think you have a good Insight, play again and plan to be surprised.
  • When facing a real-world challenge, even when you think you have a solution, play again and plan to be surprised.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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