habit zero #049

the challenge


It’s free-style day here on Habit Zero. Anything interesting you find is perfect. No Seed, no constraints, and no context. It’s the easiest assignment and the hardest assignment at the same time.

Let’s look around us mindfully and let our imagination take the lead.

my insight


I found this hangar at the port of Jaffa. At first look, it wasn’t clear if it is being built or being torn down, but as I approached, I realized that in a couple of days there will be nothing left of it.

Its presence was so unique and captivating. It looked enigmatic and mysterious. I knew I had to capture it in black-and-white to transfer this feeling. I hope I managed to do so.



Sometimes it is interesting to try reverse-engineer our thinking process. In this case, I’m wondering what was so interesting about this skeleton.

First, our brain loves anomalies. Maybe “love” is a strong world, but we are drawn to anomalies. Most of the time, our brain looks for patterns to be able to process or filter the vast amount of information flooding us. So when an anomaly — an anti-pattern — emerges, it draws our attention immediately. And what could be more of an anomaly than a huge structure, which should have been solid, but has became transparent or naked.

And for a similar reason, our mind loves opposites, especially when they are placed in the same context. So the almost perfect geometry of the skeleton against the chaotic sky is a little treasure for our brain.

But when you look closer and realize you are looking at a dying structure — something which is about to be extinct — a new dimension is added to the picture: a feeling. It is no longer just a matter of geometry or patterns, or surprise. This skeleton suddenly becomes a symbol — a metaphor. And together with the moody sky and the colors I captured this photo with, it turns into a story.

mental notes


  • When you see or sense something interesting, try to understand why it has caught your attention.
  • Once you do, try to use this understanding to find future Insights.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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