habit zero #053

the challenge


We are traveling to the seventies today with the Disco Seed. Open your eyes and look around you because we are about to have the time of our life.

my insight


Today I will do something I usually avoid doing. Instead of just sharing the Insight I’ve captured, I am about to share with you two photos. A kind of before-and-after pair.

The first photo captures what I initially saw.

This is one impressive chandelier designed so no one passing by will ignore it. And it does a very good job.

Now, I’m a sucker for symmetry and geometry, and one look at this structure from a distance was enough for me to stop and get into this hall to have a closer look. And this is when this minimal effort — making a small unplanned detour — paid off big time.

I stood exactly beneath this amazing structure; I looked up, and I found an amazing disco dance-floor straight out of the seventies. Well, more or less.



I love detours. Both physical and mental. It seems like every time I decide to take one, I find myself surprised.

I could have easily went on walking without entering the hall hosting this treasure. If I had, I would have missed the amazing structure which can only be seen when looking at this chandelier from this exact position.

Nowadays, we are taking fewer detours than ever before. We are always in a hurry and almost always goal oriented. We walk (or drive) straight to our destination, not allowing ourselves to get lost or make room for something unplanned.

Creativity relies on our ability to explore new territories — to go to surprising places where not everything is planned and known in advance.

These are big words, but it starts with simple behaviors, like taking an unexpected turn, going into an unfamiliar street, or just looking up instead of straight ahead.

mental notes


  • Make it a habit to take a detour.
  • Slow down.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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