habit zero #054

the challenge


Today is writing day, and our prompt is the Sugar Free Seed. Our assignment is to write a very short story (or any other text) inspired by the Seed.

my insight


It’s not as if his life was boring.

Far from it. He was always on the move — always trying something new. Some of his friends envied him. They said nothing excited ever happened to them. Compared to their life, they thought, his was a sugar rush.

He felt his life are sugar-free — it’s not that they were tasteless, but their taste seemed artificial. At some point he stopped looking for the real thing. He got used to it like you get used to sugar-free drinks — like you get used to a pale excuse for the real thing.

And he never imagined that all he really needed
was a pinch of salt.



The short text I wrote today was born from the mental image I had when I read the title of the Seed. I associated Sugar-Free with sugar-free drinks. I literally saw soft drink can in my mind.

I hate drinks with sugar replacements. In fact, I can’t imagine how anyone can say they taste good. If I happen to taste such a drink, I immediately think it is a poor substitute for the real thing.

From that, my brain created the image of a person who thinks everything he is doing and experiencing is a poor replica of how it should be. But all this time he is looking for the wrong thing.

What’s interesting in this mind flow is that although it all happened inside my head, it started with a visual image — a mental image. That’s how my mind usually works. Your flow might be different. But whatever it is, being aware of the way you flow, and harnessing the flow to your needs, is important to applying creativity to real-world challenges.

mental notes


  • Reflect on how you come up with creative Insights in various scenarios.
  • Learn what triggers creative connections in your brain and use it for real-world challenges.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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