habit zero #056

the challenge


The Seed we are playing with today is Global Warming. We are on a creative exploration, and creative Insights are practically everywhere.

Ready? Be creative!

my insight


I found these two lamps at a co-working space I’ve been using at Tel-Aviv. Although they were not meant to heat, they glowed with warm light. They were hung like two suns against the bare wall. And with the red pipe on the wall, the sense of global warming was perfect.



I’ve been spending the entire day in this co-working space. Most of this time staring at my laptop screen as the words I was typing appeared on it.

Every time I took a break, I used it to look for something interesting. And if I found something inspired by or associated with the Seed — extra points for me.

Taking breaks from focused intensive work is essential. Using this break to lure the brain to play — to explore and imagine — is super effective both in terms of productivity and in terms of creativity.

Exploration feeds creativity with raw material and chances for creating surprising connections. When we are exploring we are more creative. It’s like visiting a new place, even if you are at a place you are familiar with. It’s all a matter of mindset.

If you are tuned into finding new things — you will. And once you find new things, the place you are appears to your brain a little less familiar.

mental notes


  • Use creative exploration to trick your brain into feeling you are at a new place.
  • Visiting a new place, for real or using creative exploration, increases creativity.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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