habit zero #060

the challenge


It’s free-style day today at Habit Zero which means we can do whatever we like. Don’t we always?

So today I decided not just to look around me for something interesting, but to look at my past Insights and see what I can find, or re-find in them.

my insight


I took this photo over two years ago. I remember the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this salt and pepper shakers. I thought of Romeo and Juliet. I thought of an inseparable pair that cannot really mix — each confined in their own container. I thought about how close they are, and at the same time they are so far away.

But today I saw something else as well. When I revisited this photo, I noticed the drawing of the coke bottle behind the pair. And I thought about the taste of life — one of Coca-Cola’s slogans.

Together with the Romeo and Juliet metaphor this new finding gave the old Insight a new meaning — a twist on the original idea. It made the photo playful: are salt and pepper the taste of life? Is love? Isn’t it ironic that this story which revolves around the taste of life ended with a tragedy?



Exploration is not limited to looking for new things in the world. The playground we play in can vary. It could be our thoughts, our feelings, our memories, or Insights we have captured before.

Revisiting past Insights is enlightening. Whether I remember what inspired them or not, I almost always find new things in them. Sometimes it is a new meaning. Sometimes just a new detail. And sometimes revisiting an old Insight gives it a brand new life.

And the same applies to anything you take with your from any experience.

mental notes


  • Keep your Insights in an Insight Journal.
  • Revisit them often and give them a new life.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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