habit zero #063

the challenge


It’s free exploration day so anything interesting that catches your eyes is by definition an Insight. But let’s not settle with that. Take some time to look at the Insights you capture in depth and find even more interesting things in each of them.

Let’s start.

my insight


Looking down at the ground never fails to provide surprises. And today was no different.

I found this beautifully designed coffee cup just lying on the ground waiting for someone to appreciate it. The text on the cup says “Strong or Weak”, referring of course to its content. The lack of branding, the clean design, and the smart caption caught my eyes.

And then, on second look, after I already captured the Insight, I noticed that something is not quite right. The word ‘Weak’ on the cup is written in a bold, strong font, while the word ‘Strong’ is written in a much lighter font.



Was this deliberate or was it a mistake? Was the designer of this cup trying to catch our attention, or is it nothing but a bad design? Maybe it is a little mind-game the designer is playing with us, or perhaps this is just an amateur’s work.

Well, I guess we’ll never know, but it doesn’t really matter. Whatever “the real story” is, I can enjoy this little treasure. It made me smile, and that’s what counts.

mental notes


  • When you have a creative Insight, take a second look. There might be in it more than you initially thought.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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