habit zero #065

the challenge


Today we will be looking for an artificial sun. There are so many around, but let’s try to find some really cool and unique ones. Ready? Be creative!

my insight


I found this yellow building while walking in the street. It’s hard not to notice it and indeed this was not the first time I’ve seen it. But with the Artificial Sun Seed in mind, the bright yellow structure against the deep blue sky just begged to be captured as an Insight.

I could have left the photo just the way I took it, but I turned it upside down to make it surreal — like a real artificial sun. At first look, it’s perplexing and disorienting until you get a sense of direction and understand what you see. And this little interaction with the viewer makes this Insight even more fun to watch even though it is pretty simple.



Creative Insights needn’t be overly complex. On the contrary. Often the most simple, unsophisticated ideas are the most creative ones.

Just like the Insight above.It’s nothing but a building that happened to be yellow. Oh, and it is turned upside down.

And yet somehow, this is enough to create some creative magic, a feeling of surprise, and maybe even a smile. Such simple and creative Insights are rarely the result of a deep thinking process. They are more likely to be the result of being open, exploring, and being in flow. And that’s true not only when you are playing with creative challenges as the ones we are doing, but also when you are facing a real-world problem you wish to solve.

mental notes


  • The simplest, most creative Insights are the result of being mindful and in flow, as opposed to over-thinking the problem.

now it is your turn… be creative!


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