habit zero #070

the challenge


Our creative exploration today is focused on cubism. We can look for things related or made of cubes, or we can try looking for something that looks like a cubist artwork.

my insight




I wish the Insight above looked even more like a cubist artwork. The white rectangles are arranged too neatly. But the pair of asymmetrical eyes — one of them winking — reminded me of a Picasso painting.

I’m fully aware that it is not even remotely similar to any real cubist painting. And yet, when it comes to free association, anything goes.

Association is not similarity or even a resemblance. It is an unexpected message sent from one area in the brain to another — a new path created between two things that didn’t seem related just a second ago. It can’t be wrong, or weak, or invalid. Any such connection is valuable simply because it exists. Together, associations create a web in which new ideas can be caught more easily.

mental notes


  • Associations create a web in your brain in which new ideas can be caught more easily.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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