habit zero #071

the challenge


It’s our open challenge day, and this means that any kind of Insight triggered by any association can find its way into this entry. Use this opportunity to seek interesting things, or even better: ordinary things which you will turn into something interesting.

my insight




What makes the Insight I captured today interesting (at least in my eyes) are the two anomalies in this strange shape.

First there’s the missing piece where the sky is visible. This asymmetry which is accompanied by a very distinct change of colors catches both the eyes and the brain. It makes your brain wonder.

The second anomaly is more subtle, but once you notice it, you can’t ignore it anymore. Notice how the triangle on the bottom has a different pattern — a pattern created by a shadow as opposed to the patterns of the other sections created by the texture of the surface.

Our brain loves symmetry and consistency. We are in a constant search for order — for things that will simplify the world for us. And that’s why any such anomaly is impossible to ignore.

And when you cannot ignore something, you become even more aware of its details. So, in fact, these anomalies challenge our brain and make us notice even more details, and with them probably additional inconsistencies, anomalies, and uniqueness.

mental notes


  • Look for anomalies. They will lure your brain to explore even further.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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