habit zero #073

the challenge


Today I was looking for Insights inspired by the Misalignment Seed, but unexpectedly, the Insight I captured in the outer world was just the trigger for some introspection.

my insight




I found these bars which are part of a fence in my youngest child’s kindergarten. One of them was bent and as a result not aligned with the others. But that was just the trigger for some thoughts I later had about misalignment and mine in particular.

You see, I often feel I am misaligned. Deliberately. Not in any extreme way, but rather in ways that keeps challenging myself and people around me. I often ask why, and often I am not satisfied with the answer. Sometimes, this just makes me think. In other times, it calls for action. Small, maybe barely noticeable action.

Some would say, it is not enough, and as you can guess, in most cases it does not change a thing. But my inherent misalignment is a significant part of me. And at some level, it is this misalignment that drove me to develop seempli and to help others see things differently.

mental notes


  • Use external Insights as triggers for internal introspection.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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