habit zero #074

the challenge


Our assignment today is to create a collage inspired by the Zoom Seed. We already played with the Zoom Seed using a different Prism a while back. That’s in fact one thing that makes seempli so special: every time you play, you need to surprise yourself. Which makes every iteration a bit more difficult than the previous one. Strange, isn’t it?

So, let’s see what we will create today.

my insight


OK. Let’s start with a confession. The original goal of the Collage Prism is to create a physical collage using real objects, or pieces of photos, and using glue, a pair of scissors… well, you get the idea. Today, however, I felt like experimenting with a digital collage — I got my hands dirty with Photoshop instead of with real glue.

Is that fair? Well, that depends. The point behind the Collage Prism, and many other Maker Prisms, is to experiment — to do something you don’t normally do. The digital collage I created is not something I usually do. Next time I play with the Collage Prism I will probably take a different path. Here, choosing the medium I was about the use was the first step in the creative process.



For my collage I used a photo taken yesterday of a nice orange wall with an orange-like ventilation hole (which was pretty cool by itself if I may say so). I loved the colors and the textures in this Insight, so I used the opportunity provided by the Zoom Seed to zoom-in on different parts of the photo.

When you think of it, instead of using the Seed as the subject of the Insight, I used it as an action — I used it as the process I applied to the original photo. Thanks to this process, I got a chance to notice details I didn’t notice before such as the accidental texture in the middle of the circle caused by an imperfect layer of paint.

The Collage Prism also gave me a chance to play and experiment with abstract-art-like compositions.

Playful experiments as this one are great opportunities for new discoveries. Sometimes you discover things in the Insight you are working on. And sometimes you discover a new process and you fall in love with it.

mental notes


  • Experiment with different processes and mediums. You might just fall in love with one.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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