habit zero #076

the challenge


This is a strange tale of coincidence, or strange connections being fired in my brain, or both.

It begins with a movie.

my insight


It started with a movie. Whether you like comics-based movies or not, you can’t ignore them. Their posters, banners, and ads are literally everywhere. And the latest addition to the parade of super-heroes movies is Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

I should thank my child for taking me to this movie. It was more than a good movie. It was an amazing visual experience and I loved every frame of it, even before taking into account the storyline, the message, and the soundtrack.

As often happens, things I see and notice inspire me to define a new Seed or a new Prism. This is how the Spiderman Seed was created. And now, I had to test it.



The process of deciding whether a Seed should be published differs from Seed to Seed. Sometimes the Seed is a result of a visual Insight, so I can see its potential instantly. Sometimes I think about where it could lead people and what associations it can inspire. Often I will try the new Seed to see how it feels to play with. And there are occasions in which I forget the Seed altogether until reality surprises me. Like today.

I was on my way to a workshop, when I saw this strange pattern on a wall. It looked like a spider-web. I was ready to take a photo when I noticed the color of the wall — it was red, and together with the pattern it reminded me of the Spider-Man’s suite. And then, I took another step backward and noticed the deep-blue doors.

The combination of the three was too good to be true. It was a perfect match. This was the exact combination of colors and patterns that deserved the title Spider-Man.

When I come across such a treasure, I can’t help but thinking someone created this combination deliberately. I’ll never know if that’s indeed the case. But you know what? It doesn’t really matter. It is such accidental associations or strange coincidences that keep surprising me. And being surprised — even amazed — with things you see and sense around you is an experience integral to creativity.

mental notes


  • Our subconscious plays a major role in associations and coming up with creative insights.

now it is your turn… be surprised!



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