habit zero #078

the challenge


The world is full of patterns. What could be easier than that to find? So our challenge today is not just to find an Insight with a pattern in it. Our challenge is to find a pattern that surprises us.

my insight


I found this Insight in the middle of the street. A piece of a wall of an old building was paved with these vintage tiles. It’s been years since I last saw such tiles, but the surprising thing about them was their location — they were located outside, facing the street as if someone meant to decorate the street with them.



Being surprised is a great indicator of the creative potential of your Insight. This is true when you play with seempli and when you look for a creative solution for a real-world challenge. The Insight I captured today is a great example for that.

Patterns are practically everywhere. And while any of them can spark a series of questions and thoughts, when you find one which surprises you, that’s when the creative chain of thoughts is really turned on.

Why are these tiles facing the street, decorating it? Who’s idea was it and what was their goal? How long have these tiles been there? How long will they last? What are other people passing by think of them?

All these questions and others have creative potential in them, whether I am about to write a short story, include this Insight in a photography project, or use it to reflect on a real-world challenge I need to solve. And that’s what makes this Insight different from other patterns I saw today.

mental notes


  • Being surprised indicates the creative potential of an Insight.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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