habit zero #080

the challenge


Today we are on a mission to find replicas: things that pretend to be like something else.

Ready? Let’s explore!

my insight


This is a strange Insight. Not sure what you are looking at? Well, it took me a couple of seconds to understand myself.

The silhouette on the wall is a shadow of a traffic light and a couple of security cameras placed on top. Today, however, when I saw it, it looked like two T-shirts hung one on top of the other. Strangely enough, the display window next to it had two matching pieces of clothing. Not T-shirts, but still. I couldn’t ignore the visual resemblance.



If there’s one thing I take from the process of capturing the creative Insight today, it is this: don’t get too focused on the main subject.

Here’s the thing: I saw this shadow, and it caught my attention. With the Seed in mind, I imagined this silhouette as two pieces of clothing. And I was so focused on this finding that I almost missed the context, and what eventually made this Insight much more interesting: the display window on the left.

The same can happen when we look for a solution to a problem we are facing, or when we are seeking opportunities. We are sometimes so focused that we don’t look sideways. And with that there’s a chance we will miss a much greater opportunity, or merely something that can help us a lot.

mental notes


  • Found a creative Insight? Take a step back and look sideways.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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