habit zero #082

A new year is starting today.

Everyone seems occupied with summaries and predictions, analysis and decisions. It’s a classic time to look ahead, to come up with some New Year’s resolutions. And maybe forget all about them tomorrow.

We love such dates — such milestones. We are embracing this opportunity to reflect and direct our life. Or maybe we are glad we can do it one day a year and get it over with. Or we are just doing what everyone else seems to do.

A new year is starting today and for many it will be a re-run of the previous one.


Unless we won’t settle for New Year’s resolutions, but imagine where we wish to be a year from now.

Unless we will keep this mental image in front of us all the time and ask ourselves every day what are we going to do today to make it a bit more real.

Unless we won’t just live the day, but also aim for a better one tomorrow.

To make the upcoming year as amazing as we deserve it to be, we must act as if every day is the beginning of a new year. Every day must be a celebration of reflection on what we have done, where we are, and where we are going.

This is our year — it belongs to each and every one of us. This is our year to realize what we can achieve and set a course to achieve it. This is our year to focus on what’s really important and nurture it on a daily basis. It is our year to slow down, reconnect, and be amazed by things nobody “likes”, or “shares”, or “retweets” — the real things.

Open your eyes.


Change the world — it is your world to change.




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