habit zero #087

the challenge


What could be more natural than finding an animal in nature? Well, today we are on an exploration assignment in nature. But, since the Seed we got is really tightly coupled with the playground we are visiting, let’s make things more interesting. Let’s look for things pretending to be animals.

my insight


We went to a short hike in nearby woods, trying to avoid the animals as much as possible (joking) when I heard my wife calling “a giraffe!”.

Now, as you may know, there’s practically zero chance of meeting a full-scale giraffe outside of a zoo in Israel. Nobody expects to. And yet, when your wife calls “a giraffe!” you turn your head. And then you see this:

It doesn’t take much to recognize this branch as a giraffe. It’s pretty obvious. What is amazing is that my wife found this perfect giraffe among all the other branches that were scattered on the ground.

Maybe it’s luck, or maybe it’s a fantastic observation — whatever it was, it made us all smile.



For an urban creature as myself, any walk in nature, as short as it might be, is an experience. And with this experience, there’s a great chance for discoveries.

When you walk into an unfamiliar (or rarely used) playground, everything catches your attention. That’s what makes my wife’s Insight so special: its simplicity.

Instead of looking for real animals, which is the natural thing to do when you are in nature, we looked for something with a twist — something which appears to be an animal although it isn’t. And no matter how mindful we were to find such an Insight, it caught us by surprise.

mental notes


  • When going into a playground, don’t always flow with its rules.
  • Don’t look for the trivial solutions and interpretations.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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