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the challenge


Today we are looking for coincidences. More specifically, we are aiming to find things related to each other in some sense which just happen to be placed together.

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my insight


Tel-Aviv is a huge canvas for street art. It’s like walking in an eclectic, open museum with no rules, curation, or plan. And I just love it this way since it creates so many little surprises as the one I captured in my Insight today.

Now, there’s always an option this is not really a coincidence but rather the product of a street artist who was inspired by this motorcycle. But I prefer to see it as a real coincidence even though it is too good to be true.

This motorcycle parking under a mural with the exact same colors is amazing. The clash between the colors and the subject of the painting creates a powerful tension. And together with the texture of the wall, the entire scene looks like a well-designed page from a fashion magazine (minus the models).

But the placement of this strange setup — in the middle of a small street with no apparent context — adds a touch of mystery to this photo. There’s no evidence of anything but a coincidence. It is indeed too good to be true, but some things are.



Many coincidences are created in our mind. No, I don’t mean we are imagining them. But it is our mind who ties the connection between things which might otherwise not considered as related.

At first look, the Insight above is not really a good example for this statement. No one can ignore the connection between the two main subjects in the photo, caused by their shared color. It’s a fact more than it is an interpretation. Until you inspect it closer and reveal more surprising details.

The right figure doesn’t just have the same color as the motorcycle. It looks as if it is riding the motorcycle. The placement of this figure relative to the vehicle creates this illusion, or, in other words, helps our mind create this interpretation.

Have a look at the eyes of that figure, or more specifically the direction in which it is looking. It seems to stare at one of the side mirrors as if checking out its own reflection. Again, this is merely my brain interpreting reality — an interpretation that makes my brain conclude: “Wow! What a coincidence”.

mental notes


  • Coincidences are little surprises created or revealed by your mind while interpreting reality.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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