habit zero #092

the challenge


We are going on a creative exploration today to search the streets for an Insight inspired by Disco.

Let’s dance!

my insight


I found this fabulous wall and it reminded me of a colorful, electric dancefloor from the 70s. Can you hear the music playing?



I started my exploration today with a thought about a disco ball. I didn’t even remember the glowing exaggerated dancefloors. And yet, once I saw this wall it was obvious.

That is the great thing with associations. They might be buried somewhere deep in your brain, and a simple view, or a smell, or a sound triggers them and they become obvious.

And that’s why creative exploration work so magically. The things we see are like triggers that activate hidden pathways in our brain. And if we are lucky, they might also create new ones.

mental notes


  • Observe first. Think later.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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