habit zero #093

the challenge


It’s a perfect sunny day here in Israel, despite the low morning temperature. So, it is a great opportunity to go out on a short hike in nature.

I am taking with me the Dr. Seuss Seed, and with this quote on it, surprises are guaranteed!

my insight


We were walking in nature, enjoying the sun and its amazing effect on the colors around us.

I was looking at branches and leaves and flowers hoping to find something inspired by Dr. Seuss. But while it motivated me to slow down and observe (and even capture some Insights for future use) nothing I saw seemed to be associated with Dr. Seuss. Until…

Until I found this unicorn…



I don’t know if there’s a unicorn in any of Dr. Seuss’ books. If there is, chances are it didn’t take a stroll in the woods. But that’s the best thing about associations: you don’t need to prove their logic. There isn’t any formula that can generate them, so there’s no mathematical proof that can show two things are associatively connected.

And so, when I saw this unicorn looking forward as if it is about to run into the sea of green, I thought about the surreal (and at the same time extra-real) world created by Dr. Seuss. I thought about the message in his work inspiring children and adults all over the world, and specifically about the wonderful book Oh, the Places You’ll Go.

And above all, I thought about how pure reality spiced up by some imagination is by far more surprising, engaging, and inspiring than anything virtual or augmented reality can offer us.

mental notes


  • Forget AR and VR. Let Pure Reality and your imagination inspire you.

now it is your turn… be creative!




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