habit zero #097

the challenge


Today we are going the wrong way. By definition.

Our assignment is to capture Insights inspired by the Wrong Way Seed. What can possibly go wrong? 🙂

my insight




The simplest things are often the most surprising. Some things are so common that we often fail to explore their details. And the Insight above is one such thing.

Granted, this universal accessibility symbol is always facing the same direction. At least I think it is. But when it is combined with an arrow pointing to the opposite direction, something surprising happens. This simple sign communicates more than merely a direction — it becomes a statement: you are going the wrong way.

I love these little discoveries. I’ve passed by such signs numerous times, but today I also stopped, looked at it, and discovered something new.

mental notes


  • The simplest things are often the most surprising.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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