habit zero #098

the challenge



We are just two days away from reaching Day 100. Time flies when you see the world differently 🙂

Today, we are playing with the Connect the Dots Seed. Will you take it literally? Will you use it metaphorically? It’s up to you.

my insight


You probably noticed by now I have a special affection for unexpected faces and mysterious creatures hiding in plain sight.

I’ll admit it: I would have probably captured this Insight with or without the Seed. But when I explored it with the Seed in mind, I realized something new. The mouth of this emoji-like creature is made of dots connected by lines. It reminded me of the Connect the Dots activities we used to play with when we were kids.



You don’t always need Seeds (or other kind of triggers) to see things differently and have creative Insight. This strange face staring back at me was so apparent that I would have noticed it in any case. But as we discussed a couple of days ago, revisiting your Insights and using them for further exploration — this time within the Insight itself — is an effective practice. It creates new connections in your brain which might never be created otherwise.

Using a Seed for such reflection — trying to find new meanings or association in a previously captured Insight — might prove to be very effective. Without the Connect the Dots Seed I probably would have missed this great detail and with it the new association.

mental notes


  • Use Seeds in the reflection process to discover even more amazing things in the Insights you capture.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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