habit zero #099

the challenge


Today we are playing with a special Prism designed for revisiting Insights we captured. It is Friday, and I am about to go on a photo walk in this perfect winter day and then revisit the Insights and find a theme that can connect a few of them.

If you don’t have a chance to capture seedless Insights during the day, this would be a perfect opportunity to explore your Insight Journal and revisit Insights you have captured in the past months.

Let’s see what theme we will end up with.

my insight


Tel-Aviv is no stranger to bikes. If you are walking in the city center, chances are you will come across more bikes than you’d be willing to count. When you see so many of them, it is easy to become indifferent and stop noticing them, let alone capture them in photos. And yet, not all bikes are created equal.

The two first bicycles that caught my attention today were in fact locked together. With purple, cyan, and pink wheels, it was hard to ignore them. They painted the street with their soft, beautiful colors. A couple of hours later I came across another bicycle and once again it was their wheels that stood out with their bright yellow color.

I decided to combine the two photos into one collage to emphasize the amazing color palette. While I played with the photos, I rotated them, so they will lose some of their original context, and become a piece of a random abstract art made out of fragments of reality.



You already know how essential is revisiting your Insights and using them as a playground for additional exploration. What I have done today differs from going deeper into one Insight. Today I was focused on finding a connection between a couple of Insights and turning them into something new — together.

Taking a few fragments of reality — a couple of pieces of raw material — and turning them into something new is how many artworks are born. But it is also how many creative solutions emerge. That is why any exercise that helps our brain practice making surprising connections and tying things together is a creativity booster.

mental notes


  • Connect and combine your Insights to create new ones.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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