habit zero #109

the challenge


We are on a special assignment today. What seems to be a super-open challenge has, in fact, a very concrete goal: to make someone smile. How? By taking a single photo and showing it to them.

Whether it is a photo of yourself, or of something you see, or something you create… you have only one frame to create this magic. What I can guarantee is that your smile will soon follow.

my insight


My daughter loves unicorns. Finding one in the middle of the street was as magical as it was surprising. Its amazing colors blended perfectly with the color of the sky. And the common street view behind it made it even more surreal.

I took a photo and sent it to my daughter.



When I thought about the idea of taking a photo that will make someone smile, I wasn’t sure if it is more of a Prism or more of an eXperience. This exercise calls for very actual output, no different than any Creative Insight we produce in response to Prisms. And yet, I felt the essence of this assignment was to experience — to experience the ability to make someone smile with something you have created or found just for them; to experience the connection established by this smile and to use it to fuel your creativity.

Experiences fuel our creativity. Anything we experience is stored in our brain and can be used in time to create new connections, associations, and ideas. Interactive experiences — experiences which involve interaction and positive feedback — are even stronger. They rewire our brain to look for more opportunities to recreate such communication. They create an internal feedback loop that will push our mind to experience more.

When we create something and experience positive feedback, its like creative fuel on steroids.

mental notes


  • Don’t let a day go by without experiencing something you haven’t in a while
  • Experiences are the fuel of creativity, and interactive experiences are creative fuel on steroids.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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